Why We Switched To Subscriptions?

At Boxed Halal, we believe in constantly improving our services to better cater to our customer's needs. As part of ongoing efforts to enhance your experience which is why we made the switch to a subscription model. Here's why a subscription is more beneficial and cost-effective for you:

"We created Boxed Halal with a simple mission: to make it easy for families to enjoy high-quality, ethically-sourced halal meats. Our subscription model is just another step towards fulfilling that promise."

Convenience on Your Doorstep:

With a subscription, you no longer need to remember to place an order every time you run low on halal meats. Instead, simply choose your preferred delivery frequency, and we'll ensure a fresh supply is delivered to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

Personalization and Flexibility:

 Our subscription model allows you to either choose one of our expertly curated boxes or customize your own, providing the flexibility to select the meats and cuts that best suit your preferences and meal plans. Additionally, our subscription model offers the option to change your delivery frequency, pause your subscription, skip a delivery, or cancel your subscription altogether through your customer portal, giving you full control over your Boxed Halal experience.

Better pricing and FREE Shipping:

By opting for a subscription, you can enjoy the benefits of bulk purchasing, which often results in more competitive prices for our premium halal meats. Plus, as a subscriber, you'll enjoy free shipping sitewide, making our premium halal meats even more affordable.


Improved inventory management:

With a subscription, we can better anticipate and manage our inventory levels, ensuring we always have a fresh supply of premium meats available for our customers while reducing waste and overhead costs, which translates to better prices for you.

By switching to a subscription model, we can provide a more cost-effective, convenient, and personalized service for our customers, making it easier than ever to enjoy premium halal meats in your home.

Sign up for a Boxed Halal subscription today and experience the convenience, personalization, and savings for yourself! 


- Founder/ CEO Abe Ali