How to Cook Pakistani Kunna as If You were a True Chef?

Kunna is a Pakistani dish with its origin in the city of Chiniot in Punjab. The original recipe contains a few ingredients including lamb meat, green chilies, garlic, ginger, and onion. You can prepare it in a pot made of clay, 'Matka', or in a pressure cooker or other large pot. Simply place the pot in soil, and put woods and coal on top of it to create flame or bonfire like affect. Kunna is famous for its distinct aroma. The fragrance of all the spices diffuses well while cooking the dish. The cooking process brings out an earthy flavor, which is different from other curries like mutton gravy or nihari. The dish is slow-cooked for four to six hours, and the flavor comes out best when cooked with lamb meat. Some people enjoy Kunna cooked in beef or chicken also, but I feel, it lacks the required texture. My grandmother’s recipe included covering the clay pot with its lid and then sealing the sides of the top with a sealant made by mixing flour with little water. This helps to preserve the aroma and keeps the steam inside the pot, allowing the meat to tenderize well. This recipe of the lamb Kunna is authentic and has been passed down in my family over the generations. I have broken down the recipe in a step by step process to make it easy for you.

What is The Ideal Accompaniment for Pakistani Kunna?

You can serve Pakistani Kunna with several types of traditional pita bread including black fennel seed naan, garlic naan, plain naan or roti. Kunna is a delicious savory menu item, perfect both for lunch and dinner. It is a special dish at weddings or other large gatherings so people can enjoy the delicacy in the company of family and friends. You can try Kunna in all the seasons but like other meat dishes, it is more common in winters in winters and can be complemented with other vegetable dishes or rice on the menu. However, Kunna is a complete meal in itself and if you are preparing it for a small family you do not need to add other dishes to the menu. This dish is rich in proteins and has good fats but should be eaten in moderation if you are high in cholesterol. The selection of meat is a very important step in preparing a flavorful Kunna dish. Make sure the meat you select for Kunna is lean meat and does not have more than 10% fat portion in it. The ideal meat for Kunna is the lamb shank, which should be cut in large pieces with bones. If you live in a house that has a back lawn, it’s a good idea to plan cooking the Kunna dish by digging a 12-inch-deep hole in the sand. It is an ideal party dish for people who enjoy cooking outdoors but may require a bit of patience. If you cannot cook outdoors, I still promise you great flavors as long as you stick closely to my recipe.

Can I Make Kunna from Other Meats?

Lamb shank is the most popular and traditional meat use to cook Kunna. But with an increase in its demand and individual choices of people, it is prepared with beef and chicken too. The taste and texture of the Kunna dish vary with the different types of meat.


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