Benefits of Eating Halal Food and its Impact on Your Soul

It is the utmost desire of every Muslim to get close to Allah and acquire taqwa. The attainment of taqwa mainly depends on numerous lifestyle factors. One such factor is the consumption of permissible food called ‘Halal’ that can substantially contribute to the spiritual life and progress of the person.

What is Halal?

Simply put, the term Halal refers to ‘permissible’. Opposite to it is haram which means ‘forbidden’. There is a certain procedure called ‘zabiha’ that needs to be followed to make meat permissible. Zabiha requires animals to be in good health at the time of slaughter. Also, the process must not be carried out where pigs are slaughtered. Animals must be fed well and given water before slaughtering. Interestingly, many non-Muslims also choose to consume Halal food considering the fact that it offers a plethora of health and spiritual benefits. Scroll down to learn how Halal food benefits you, your health and your life.
  1. It’s Hygienic and Safe to Eat

When it comes to Halal food, manufacturers usually have to follow certain guidelines and safety measures. Especially, animals raised and slaughtered on Halal farms are treated differently and usually given healthy feeds. Unlike commercial farms that use a lot of chemicals and antibiotics, Halal farmers usually stick to ethical practices in order to deliver food that’s both hygienic and safe to use.
  1. Health Benefits

Muslims need to take the best possible care of their physical and spiritual health. One of the best ways to do this is by confirming that the food they use is pure, healthy and of good quality. Consumption of healthy food supports the overall metabolic function and immune system of the person. By using Halal food, the body’s overall health can be maintained.
  1. Prevents Meat Contamination

Islamic slaughter demands that the blood is fully drained from the corpse, giving healthier meet free from harmful bacterial contamination. In addition to that, the meat is also devoid of fear toxins which is one of the biggest causes of fear and uneasiness in humans.
  1. Tender and Tastier Meat

Blood retention in animals makes it more vulnerable to adulteration which eventually leads to unpleasant taste and texture. As all blood must be drained off, the Halal meat is obviously fresher and tastier. Also, it stays fresh for a longer period of time.
  1. Ethical

Since it is not allowed to slaughter a sick animal, the Halal farmers need to keep natural and hygienic conditions to ensure healthy and disease-free growth. Also, they ensure that the animals are treated well. All in all, Halal slaughter is believed to be an ethical and humane way to slaughter which causes less pain and stress to animals.

How Does Halal Food Positively Impact On Your Soul?

Apart from numerous health benefits, there are a number of reasons why Halal food can bring positivity to your life. The process of zabiha is all about sacrifice, intention, and consciousness. When a person opts for ‘Halal’, he or she revives the process that is intentional and linked to God. In other words, you’ll feel happy and satisfied whenever you consume Halal food. Halal slaughter brings on the element of mindfulness. It makes a piece of simple meat a chunk of gratitude – gratitude to God for enabling you to consume this meat and recognition for the animal who has sacrificed its life for the sake of Allah. Both these things invoke the element of positivity and humbleness which will eventually lead to optimism and state of having positive beliefs. There you have it. These are some of the many benefits of using Halal food in your daily life. Approximately 30% of the international food market now comprises of halal products. Above all, Halal food promotes clean and green eating that is said to be the future of the food industry. That is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why many authorities across the western world are paying attention to certify meat and other products as Halal. Nestlé is one of the biggest examples that has accommodated the needs of Muslim consumers and introduced processed Halal foods aimed at Muslims and non-Muslims alike. All in all, if you’re really looking to achieve health and spiritual benefits, Halal food is definitely the future.