The Benefits of Eating Halal Food

Benefits of Using Halal Food

Massive growth in the Halal food industry has gained substantial attention across the globe in recent times. Simply put, the word Halal refers to what is permissible in traditional Islamic law. Because of the strict standards that food products must comply with in order to be considered ‘Halal’, many Muslims, as well as Non-Muslims, consume those products to stay healthy and safe. While quality is believed to be the major reason why a lot of people prefer Halal food over non-Halal alternatives, there are some other reasons too why one should stick to the Halal food. When it comes to certified Halal food, the major emphasis is placed on ethical practices and hygiene which significantly lowers down the risk of food contamination. Also, there are certain slaughtering guidelines that need to be fulfilled in order to acquire safe and healthy meat. For instance, it is not allowed to slaughter sick or unhealthy animals in Islam. Similarly, it is also essential to maintain natural and clean conditions to ensure better animal growth.

Safe and Healthy Meat

As far as Islamic guidelines are concerned, Halal farmers must adhere to certain rules and regulations to maintain the health and wellbeing of their animals. They must follow specific farming techniques in order to raise healthy and slaughter-fit animals. From giving healthy feed to maintaining proper hygiene conditions and following step by step guidelines while slaughtering, everything should be performed according to the laws fixed by the Islamic standards.


Since, it is not allowed in Islam to slaughter a sick animal, the process of zabiha generally involves healthy animals. Also, the farmers ensure zero use of antibiotics and harmful chemicals as they already have the concept of zabiha in mind. All of these ethical farming and slaughtering practices give rise to disease-free premium-quality meat that contributes to the mental and physical health of the consumer in one way or the other.

Zero Contamination

Toxic meat is one of the biggest reasons why many people suffer from a plethora of physical and mental health issues – anxiety and depression being one of them. Islamic slaughter involves a process in which the blood is completely drained from the body which is not the case with the non-Halal meat. Noticeably, when blood is not completely drained from the carcass, it promotes bacterial growth which may, later on, contribute to the element of anxiety and emotional stress.

Supports Immune System

A Muslim must pay attention to his or her physical and mental health in order to perform well in all walks of life. The best way to ensure great health is by consuming a good-quality healthy diet that is free from the risk of contamination. When you consume healthy and nutritious food, your inner health automatically gets better and also results in improved metabolism and great immunity response. That is certainly one of the biggest reasons why you achieve better cognitive response when you prefer Halal food over non-Halal food.

How Halal Foods Can Completely Finish Your Anxiety?

Non-Halal food is loaded with fear toxins which give rise to anxiety and feeling of fear. Halal food, on the other hand, is completely wholesome and healthy due to the slaughtering procedure followed by the slaughterers. There are literally no blood clots in the meat and the color of the flesh is also pink and pleasant. People suffering from extreme anger, depression, and anxiety are generally recommended to use less meat but if you opt for ‘zabiha’, you can significantly decrease the risk of developing severe illnesses that usually result from the consumption of toxic meat. The idea that you’ve followed proper zabiha guidelines also provide satisfaction that you’re on the right path. You’ll feel contented and satisfied. That element of righteousness also makes your inner self happy and you’ll feel less depressed and anxious. Maintaining a balanced, nutritional diet is a proven way to get rid of the symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and uneasiness. Since Halal meat is all healthy and wholesome, it gives great results when combined with some other healthy ingredients like nuts, vegetables, and dairy. Because of its unparalleled benefits, Halal meat is not only popular amongst Muslims but many non-Muslims are also showing immense interest in adopting healthy eating practices including Halal meat consumption in their daily routine. Besides assisting with the symptoms of anxiety and depression, Halal food has a number of other benefits too. Apart from consuming Halal food, it’s also crucial that you pay attention to your daily activities to reduce symptoms of anxiety and fear. Also, make sure to include a feasible workout regime to your routine to stay healthy and fit. Lastly, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor if your symptoms persist as it may lead to other severe irreversible mental and physical illnesses. Do you consume Halal food to stay active and fit? Feel free to drop your input below as we would love to hear back. Looking for a Halal meat shop near you? Boxed Halal delivers fresh Zabihah Halal meat directly to your doorstep. Place your order today! Visit us on Instagram for recipe inspiration!