8 Best Turkish Halal Recipes You Should Try

  Turkey is a beautiful fusion of cultural heritage and modern living standards. Situated amidst of Europe and Asia, Turkey is loaded with breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, and eye-catching museums. Thousands of tourists visit Turkey every year, making it one of the most sought-after tourist attractions after Europe and the Middle East. Similar to other Muslim countries like Indonesia or Egypt, there are many people in Turkey who’re either non-Muslims or just do not care about being particular when it comes to choosing between halal or non-halal food in Turkey. But, if you’re specific about your choices yet want to indulge in the diversified Turkish cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll have a look at 8 delicious halal Turkish recipes you should try if you visit Turkey. In fact, you can try out these halal recipes at your home by skimming through the authentic recipes available online: 1- Menemen If you love eggs, then Menemen is a must-try Turkish breakfast staple. Generally served with a generous amount of bread, Menemen is a delightful cross between eggs and vegetable stew. This dish is perfectly infused with tomatoes, onions, and peppers for unparalleled taste and aroma. Also, you can add some cheese which is a spicier version of sausage to your dish to enrich the flavor and make it even more flavorful and delicious. 2. Kebap Turkish cuisine is incomplete without different kebap variations – döner, Adana, Urfa, and Iskender are just to name a few. If you’re familiar with Turkish cuisine, you must have a clear idea that any kind of skewered meat served with a host of accompaniments is called kebap in Turkey. Generally, kebabs are served on the bed of bread (pita mostly) with drenched slices of flavorsome juicy meat and lots of yogurts. 3. Börek   Börek is yet another famous Halal recipe you should try that is popular because of its rich intense flavor and the availability of huge variety of options to choose from. Covering a wide range of phyllo pastries and served in both sweet and savory choices, Börek comes in different shapes and sizes and is usually consumed like other pastry. This halal Turkish treat is prepared in large trays and sliced up splendidly on the spot for consumers who come to purchase them. 4. Manti This halal Turkish recipe is the perfect pick for dumpling lovers. Represented generally as the Turkish version of ravioli, Manti is available in different forms and shapes. However, the basic stuffing remains the same that consists of bits of meat packed inside pouches of perfectly-kneaded dough. What sets the Turkish Manti recipe apart from conventional Italian recipe is an addition of yogurt that balances the savory flavor of the dish and adds to the texture and taste of the meat. If you prefer vegan, you can replace meat with coal-grilled eggplant too (the rest of the recipe, however, remains the same). 5. Mercimek Corbasi Mercimek Corbasi is a lentil-based halal Turkish recipe you should try if you love simple, authentic flavors. As far as recipe is concerned, it is a basic amalgam of lentils blended with fragrant spices and garnished with lots of cilantro and lemon wedges. Some foodies like their Corbasi with pickled veggies, tursu and hot slices of pita bread. Filling, warm and oh-so-delicious Mercimek Corbasi is an essential item available in almost every Turkish restaurant. 6. Dolma The literal meaning of Dolma is ‘stuffed’. This halal Turkish recipe makes use of a rice-based mixture of spices, dried fruits, and vegetables. The streets of coastal Turkish towns and a few downtown areas of Istanbul offer different varieties of Dolma – stuffed mussels sold in their shells and arranged on massive circular trays. This Turkish street food staple is served with lemon and sea salt for a refreshing flavor. 7. Chee Popularly known as köfte, chee basically refers to ‘raw meatballs’. However, this famous halal Turkish recipe has encountered various twists and turns with the passage of time. The 2009 legislature after which there was a ban on raw meat, the traditional recipe was amended by the chefs a bit to make it a perfect fit for true meat lovers. This dish is traditionally served with lots of green garnishes and bread and is obviously among one of the best halal Turkish recipes you should try. 8. Pide We all love pizzas, don’t we? Take a delightful ride to Turkey’s famous local pizza-like delicacy called Pide and indulge in the dense and aromatic world of flavors and spices. You can also try your own version at home by using veal meat and your own preferred toppings. Turkish cuisine is diversified and full of options. All of the above-listed halal Turkish recipes are very delicious and worth trying. The author of this article is a co-founder and a content marketing strategist at SkWebSolutions

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