10 Recipes You Can Make Using Halal Chicken

You must be aware of the benefits that come handy with the Halal slaughtering procedure. Since all blood must drain out completely after the slaughtering process, it ensures healthier, toxin-free meat packed with plenty of proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Chicken, because of its versatility and tenderness is popular amongst passionate chefs and diehard foodies who want to experiment with their culinary skills. In this post, we’ve rounded up 10 amazing Halal chicken recipes that will impress your guests in no time:
  1. Paprika Roast Chicken
You can’t go wrong with the classic roast chicken. This Halal chicken recipe tastes even better when infused with the smokey flavors of paprika and chorizo. Free-range halal chicken marinated perfectly with lemon, olive oil, paprika, chorizo, and chili flakes can be a great dinnertime delicacy or can be served at a comforting weekend brunch. Brush butter glaze in the end for additional flavor and aroma. Serve as it is or on a bed of herbed veggies or butter rice for a complete meal.
  1. Traditional Asian Chicken Curry
Cook an easy yet amazingly delicious Asian chicken curry for a wholesome family meal. Onions and butter base with lots of ginger and garlic with chicken and some traditional Asian spices become incomparably delightful when cooked with aromatic coconut milk. Finish off with some fresh cilantro for an added flavor kick. Whether you’re hosting a family dinner or just want to treat yourself with something comforting and delicious, this Halal chicken recipe can make a perfect fit. Serve with flatbread or white rice for a complete meal.
  1. Grilled Chicken Steaks with Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Grilled chicken steaks are an all-time favorite recipe. This Halal chicken recipe is easy and needs just a few basic ingredients. Smoky grilled chicken steaks cooked to perfection for tender and juicy meat when draped in the luscious creamy mushroom sauce can fire up anyone’s hunger. Add some peri sauce while marinating chicken for an added hint of spices and aroma.
  1. Chicken Parmesan
Chicken parmesan is one of the most popular and most ordered Halal chicken recipes in the world. Deliciously crispy parmesan coating smothered flawlessly in luscious tomato sauce and sprinkled with stretchy mozzarella is absolutely irresistible and yummy. Oven-baked parmesan chicken is easy to prepare and worth every minute. Make sure you make the best breading combination as the entire flavor of this Halal chicken recipe depends on the right ratio of panko, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and garlic powder.
  1. Stir Fry Chili Chicken
Stir-fries are easiest to make yet tastes so delicious and flavorful. This Halal chicken stir fry recipe is so much better than takeout. The best bit? You don’t need many ingredients to prepare this recipe either.
  1. Sesame BBQ Chicken Salad
Looking for an easy refreshing chicken salad recipe with a twist? Then this BBQ chicken salad with sesame recipe is just for you. Chicken barbeque chunks combined with your favorite greens and dressed generously with ranch dressing is every foodie’s dream come true. Eat as it is or serve as a side with your lunch or brunch menu.
  1. Butter Chicken
Rich and delightful butter chicken is yet another irresistible Halal chicken recipe that can be used to make your lunchtime or dinnertime more special. This classic Asian recipe can be best served with rice or wheat tortillas for great flavor.
  1. One-Pot Chicken Pilaf
Chicken pilaf is a filling Asian Halal chicken recipe that can be prepared in different ways according to your preferences. You can add some vegetables or lentils too in order to give a unique touch to your traditional recipe. Make sure you make some yogurt and cumin dip and a green salad to serve along with your pilaf.
  1. Peri Peri Hot Chicken
Hot peri peri chicken is another popular Halal chicken recipe that has gained momentum in recent years. Preferred by diehard spice lovers, this exotic recipe can be served with some basic masala rice or mashed potatoes or grilled veggies for an additional kick.
  1. Ginger Chicken
Brown chicken recipe with plenty of ginger is both healthy and flavorsome. Great for family dinners or special events, this Halal chicken recipe can make a perfect fit for any occasion. Serve with flatbread or rice for a complete meal. From a soothing delicious soup to a classic roast and fried delicacies, it’s difficult for us to get enough of chicken. This easy to cook and nutritious meat is preferred by many because of its succulent texture and fresh new ways of cooking. Salads, sauces, gravy or pasta, chicken can be cooked in a variety of different ways to satisfy your taste buds.

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