Delicious Pakistani Sooji Halwa (Semolina Halwa) as the Perfect Dessert

Halwa is a trendy dessert prepared throughout the world and tastes absolutely divine. It comes in different variations by a slight change of ingredients, including almonds, cashew nuts, carrot, lentil, and sooji. It takes almost twenty minutes to prepare the classic Pakistani Sooji halwa recipe. Pakistani Sooji Halwa is a delicacy, and though it can be prepared in a little time, it is one of those recipes that will take you a few times before you can perfect it. To be honest, it took me three or four times before I could perfect this recipe. The reason why it can go wrong is that semolina cooks very quickly. As per the expert chefs, if it is overcooked, it will taste like soap, and if it is undercooked, then it won’t acquire the desired consistency. The ideal color of this dessert is golden brown, but some people like it darker than golden brown. That is why my recipe includes adding brown sugar in the ingredients. The main ingredients of Semolina halwa are semolina, butter, and sugar. While preparing this halwa, you ought to stay close to the saucepan you are preparing it in. The ideal texture of Semolina halwa is grainy, yet gelatinous and butter or oil give it a rich feel. Eating halwa with family is a great tradition in many parts of the world, including Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and even in the USA. Semolina halwa is a popular dessert in many parts of the world. Some believe that Semolina halwa had its origin in Turkish tradition.

What is the Best Way to Consume Halwa?

In many restaurants throughout the world, you can serve Halwa as a breakfast item. With breakfast, it is popular with potato curry or chickpea curry. Some say Halwa is Turkish delight, while others in Pakistan and India term it as part of their traditional festive cuisine. Semolina Halwa is a favorite dessert item on wedding menus and holiday parties and is generally served following savory dinner items such as Pakistani Nihari or Pakistani Kunna. There are several ways in which Halwa can be served. Traditionally many people pour the hot halwa mixture on a large Pyrex dish or baking tray. Once it is settled, it can be cut in square or rectangular pieces. If you have a big family and you want to make sure everyone gets a good bite, then this is the best way to serve it.

Some Common Benefits of Pakistani Sooji Halwa

Semolina has many nutrients in it, but these are a little less in comparison to other grains. Therefore, it includes a combination of vegetables and fruits when serving to children. While preparing Semolina halwa, you may substitute sugars with jaggery as that’s a healthier source of sugar. Semolina is a rich source of potassium, keeps the heart strong, and is easy on the stomach so it can be great first food for infants. Many mothers throughout the world and especially in Asia, feed their babies Semolina halwa. It is a rich source of proteins and carbohydrates, and infants find it easy to eat soft foods like halwa. Semolina is light on the stomach, however, it is best to talk to your child’s doctor before serving. You will find many variations in the Semolina halwa recipes on the internet, especially with the addition of little gram flour, but my recipe does not use gram flour in it. Many people believe that semolina is a great substitute for milk in breakfast for adults. If your stomach does not respond well to a glass of milk in the morning, try making this halwa constant in your breakfast menu. You will not only feel active throughout the day but will remain cheerful as well. My family is lactose intolerant, and hence Semolina halwa is a personal favorite of ours in breakfast.


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