Chicken's Haleem

Chicken's Haleem is a complete meal. Rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and nutrients. Chicken's Haleem, which is centuries old in Asia and the Middle East. It is also known in the Arabic language as Haris Yahrisa. There is no exact date when this Arabic dish became famous, but it can be safely stated that it was created by Muslims. Some historians claim that the Arab writer Abu Muhammad al-Muzaffar Ibn Sayyar, in the 10th century, compiled a recipe book that included the Haleem. This dish is very popular in Pakistan, even as street food, but it is also consumed in Turkey, Iran, India, and Bangladesh, although people in each region do it their way.

What are the ingredients of Chicken's Haleem?

To prepare the Haleem, beef, lamb, or chicken are used. Barley, pearl wheat, legumes, onions, and many spices are also added. Legumes, chana dal, masoor dal, barley, and wheat should be soaked overnight before preparing the haleem. The legumes are then simmered for at least six hours until they literally melt and form a thick paste. The cooking of these legumes over low heat should be done with salt and some spices to give it flavor. The ingredients for serving the Chicken's Haleem are fried onions, lemon wedges, roasted cashews, fresh coriander, ginger cut lengthwise, and pieces of green chili. Many people accompany this dish with Naam, the delicious Pakistani bread. The meat used for the Haleem should be marinated with spices and yogurt. Then fry and finally boil with plenty of water until it also melts. The mixture of all this flavorful stew is Chicken Haleem. This delicious dish accompanies Muslims throughout the year, especially in the holy months of Muharram and Ramadan.  Serve this delicious dish accompanied with our Naan.

How to soften the beans for the Haleem?

Some people believe that they can skip the soaking of the beans, that this will be a good idea. Because it will save them a little time. The reality is quite the opposite. If do not soak lentils and wheat properly, it will only need much more time on the stove.
The only trick to do when soaking beans is to add a teaspoon of baking soda, or baking powder that helps soften the beans.



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