Phirni, delicious rice pudding

Phirni is a delicious creamy Pakistani rice pudding. Most historians agree that the Phirni originated from the Persian civilization. The Iranians share a very similar dessert called Ferni. The difference from the Iranian dish, with the Pakistani, is that in Iran they use rice flour instead of chopped rice.

How to cook Phirni?

The secret to a good Phirni is to soak the rice first before chopping it. For this, you must have patience. Soak the rice for about an hour. Then, drain the excess water, and proceed to crush it. In ancient times it was crushed manually. Now you can do it quickly with the help of a kitchen mill. Then cook the rice with the spices in the evaporated milk. If you want a creamier dessert you can add two to four tablespoons of cream. If you like the flavor and color of saffron, add a few yarn tales. Phirni is generally served in clay containers and topped with almonds, cashews, and other nuts.

What is the difference between the Phirni and the Kheer?

Many people confuse the Phirni with the Kheer. Both desserts share almost the same ingredients and preparation methods, but they have an important difference. Whole rice is used to make the Kheer. So, the feeling when trying it is quite different. If you want to try the Kheer, make our delicious recipe.


What are the essential spices for Phirni?

First of all, the cinnamon sticks, they add flavor to this dish. Then the crushed green cardamom, and a pinch of nutmeg. I think that without these three spices you should not make Phirni. However, if you have a little rose scent, or saffron feel free to add a few drops.

Caramel and walnut discs

To accompany this dessert, we decided to make some delicious caramel discs, with walnuts. For this, you only need to make the sugar syrup, if you want to add a pinch of vanilla.



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