Shami Kebabs: The Super Tender

Shami Kebabs are the best Kebabs in the world after you try these, you don't want to try others. If you are reading this, and you still don't know what a kebab is, and what its origin was, we would like to tell you a bit about its interesting history.
Many people believe that the "kebab" was born in Turkey, because the word "Kebab" is of Persian origin, and means "grilled meat". It has a Arab origin but it cannot be said with certainty that it is Turkish. There are many variations of it depending on the country.
The word Doner, associated with kebab, is a Turkish word that means "to rotate". So a Doner Kebab is roast beef that spins. The traditional meat of the Kebab is lamb, and it is indeed our choice for this recipe, although there are also beef and even chicken kebabs.
Minced and roasted meat is the key, for this recent recipe, which is now very much in vogue, the Shami Kebabs recipe. But first, let's clarify,

What does Shami Kebabs mean?

This dish are a local Pakistani adaptation of the Kebabs. These kebabs are like a hamburger and are prepared by mixing cooked minced meat with daal lentils, or cooked chickpeas.
Then this mixture must be kneaded or better yet, mixed with a food processor to get a silky mixture, which is then fried. The result, a kebab of spectacular softness.
This softness of the Shami Kebabs makes them the favorites of the smallest of the house. If you want you can prepare these kebabs in advance.

How can I keep this Kebabs?

We have already said that the this kebabs are the favorites of the little ones of the house. So it is not strange that you want to put them in your children's lunch box.
Modern times demand practicality, and this recipe can give it to you. I usually prepare this Kebabs and freeze them. When I need them, I remove it from the freezer, dip them in a mixture of bread and beaten egg. Then fry them in hot oil and in less than five minutes they are ready.
You can eat them as part of a full lunch with tabbouleh and chapati. Having them frozen can also help you out of a hurry if you have received an unexpected visit. You can take them out of the freezer, fry them and serve them accompanied by mango chutney (We will show you in another post how to do it) or with yogurt sauce.

Shami Kebabs Variations

We already said that Shami Kebabs can be made from different roasted and minced meats. Our favorites are lamb and chicken, but you could also go for beef. There are some cooks who even prepare them with fish. Likewise, in case you don't have the Indian yellow lentils, Chana Daal, you can use cooked chickpeas. The taste and appearance are very similar.
Like all Pakistani recipes, it is important that you pay attention to spices. A good part of ground fresh condiments will always make your kebabs more special.
So, let's make Kebabs!

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