The Most Authentic Recipe for Pakistani Korma

South Asian cuisine is popular among food lovers all over the world. Presenting a unique combination of herbs, spices, and condiments, traditional South Asian recipes have intense flavors. Typically cooked in a generous amount of oil or ghee, we prepare most of the desi dishes with a ginger-garlic base. This gives them their unique mouthwatering aroma - a key defining feature of this exotic cuisine. Today, we’re going to give you our special Pakistani korma recipe.

Reflecting on various aspects of the region’s diverse culture, we cherish Pakistani and Indian cuisines because of their variety of flavors, including spicy, savory, tangy, and sweet.

Among the most popular dishes, we consider Korma to be an all-time favorite. It is one of the most traditional and historically valuable dishes in the region. Hailing from Pakistan as well as some parts of India, this scrumptious curry includes a delightful combination of flavors.

While we make this original recipe with chicken, you can also find exciting variations with mutton, beef, and fish. Some versions also include a combination of vegetables with meat. However, traditional Chicken Korma is by far the most popular version of the recipe. While we usually eat it with naan or flatbread, you can also serve Chicken Korma with plain boiled rice. This recipe is ideal for special occasions such as wedding events, large family gatherings, and even fancy dinner parties at home.

What is the Dominant Flavor In Korma?

Being a traditional South Asian dish, you can characterize Korma by its unique blend of flavor combinations. While the main ingredient is mostly chicken, the Korma gets its distinct flavor from the gravy, which resembles a rich, creamy sauce. The gravy is thick in its consistency and completely envelopes the tender chicken or meat pieces added to it. Upon taking the first bite, you can immediately taste the rich flavor of crisp onions, yogurt, chilies, and spices. The taste is moderately spicy but also somewhat tangy with bits of sweetness, giving it an overall wholesome flavor.

What Type Of Cuts Do I Need For Chicken Korma?

As with most Pakistani curries, we do not cook Chicken Korma in a specific type of meat cut. Instead, we cook it with a combination of different cuts using the whole chicken. It is preferable to use bone-in and skinless meat as it works best with the cooking technique used in making Chicken Korma. However, depending on your personal preference, you can also choose to cook this recipe using only chicken thighs.

How do I Go about the Pakistani Chicken Korma Recipe?

Since Chicken Korma is loved all across Pakistan, local recipes are often modified to regional or provincial cuisines. While some recipes are basic, others tend to be more complex, with the addition of ingredients such as almonds, poppy seeds, and saffron. However, the main ingredients and techniques for cooking Chicken Korma remain the same. You can serve this traditional Pakistani as a main course meal, taking almost an hour to cook fully. The difficulty level for this recipe is moderate if you follow the instructions properly. However, those who are new to cooking South Asian cuisine may find it a bit more difficult.


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