Tantalize Your Taste Buds With Pakistani Fish Recipe

If you’re in for the perfect desi fish, then look no further. Today we’re bringing you authentic Pakistani street food to recreate at home. With so many variations and Pakistani fish recipes to creating ideal, traditional fish, whether it’s a fish grill or fish curry masala we can safely say that Pakistani fish tops every other fish recipe. This delectable Pakistani fish recipe consists of a few ingredients and carries almost no use of fancy equipment (unless you would want to use it). It’s easy to make and is loaded with tangy, spicy, and aromatic flavors. Unlike the usual fried fish, these precious pieces of fish fillet happen to be more flavorful. It's easy to make and can give you authentic Pakistani fish taste.

The Origination Of Pakistani Fried Fish

Fish, although a coastal commoner’s food, ironically, landed itself in another boat to royalty. During the Mughal reign, the royal chefs were influenced by cooks of Awadh. Therefore, they asked some of the pioneers to marinate the fish and cook it to royal perfection. The emperor, Akbar, along with his Nawabs, had enjoyed this intricate delight for lunch and dinner. History indicates how locals enjoyed fried batter foods such as pakoras, kachoris, puris, etc. Thus the cooks decided to double fry the fish with an orange dyed batter. It represented the color of Basant, and soon Pakistani fish rose to fame and continues to be a famous snack. Today, we see Pakistani fish available all over the world.


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