Best Pakistani Dal Recipe

Despite our love for all the traditional South Asian dishes, it's always important to revert to some good old' comfort food. And what's a better example of comfort food than traditional dal? With several dal recipes, we picked an intricate dal dish. It might not exactly be the ideal light comfort food, but it is quite rich and has an amazing taste. If you didn't guess by the title already, we've brought to you *drum rolls* a 'Pakistani Dal Makhni' recipe! The star of the dish is 'Makhan,' which translates to butter. There is a high degree of butter in this dish. It also contains cream, which gives the dish an overall creamy, rich consistency. For all those people who are lactose intolerant or are on a diet, you might want to look away right now. Or you could pre-plan and consider something for your next big cheats day meal. You can follow this simple recipe to replicate some of the authentic flavors of Pakistani dal and experience delectable traditional food, freshly made in your kitchen. The recipe also includes several tips that will guide you along the way in case you may be confused in some of the steps.

The Origination Of Dal Makhni

All the nonvegetarians can't be more thankful for the invention of 'butter chicken,' and the vegetarians, on the other hand, possess similar sentiments for 'dal makhani.' Dal makhani is rumored to have been closely related to 'butter chicken.' Pakistani cuisines have a specialty of having whole black lentils with freshly made hot chappatis. The twist occurred when cream and tomatoes were mixed in the dal as a souring agent. It was new for people back then but turned out to be a staple. Thus, came about the blessing of 'dal makhani.'

Are there other existing variations of Dal Makhni?

Currently, all the variations that exist stem from an individual's preferences. However, there is no significant variation that is recognized as an innovation to the traditional Dal Makhni. You can always play around with the ingredients, and it's measurements, and you might just be the pioneer of a new dal makhani inspired dish.  


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