Super Delicious and Original Pakistani Beef Nihari Recipe

Pakistani beef nihari dish is known to have won the hearts of culinary experts since its origin. It is one of the most delectable and intricate items on the menu. This hearty, meaty dish is a breakfast dish that is often served with some fresh naan (traditional bread). You can also have it even with rice. Either way, it tastes absolutely divine.

Nihari is quite buttery, flavorful, and rich, which may not be your ideal option if you are currently in a struggle to avoid oily foods. In fact, you might want to look away in 3..2... OR you could consider this to be the perfect meal for your next cheat’s day! Follow our simple step-by-step recipe to recreate an authentic, traditional nihari recipe from the comfort of your home.

The Origination Of Nihari

The word ‘Nihari’ stems from the Arabic word ‘Nahar,’ which translates to ‘morning,’ as the Nawabs usually ate this during the reign of the Mughal Empire as a breakfast item. Nihari was mainly eaten in the morning among the working class, as it was known for its energy-boosting traits. Nowadays, Nihari has further developed in the Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan.

What Kind Of Meat Should You Use to Make Nihari?

Since the origin of Nihari, there have been several variations to it that developed as per taste preferences. As far as meat Is concerned, which is the star of the dish, Nihari is usually made with beef shank. However, you also have other alternatives such as spring lamb or mutton and occasionally chicken. Classic Nihari always contains beef shank portion, period. But there’s no stopping you if you do not have it on hand, you could try it with some of the above alternatives but remember the cooking time for each meat will vary accordingly.


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