Treat Your Taste Buds with Pakistani Keema Recipes

While every country may be true to their customs, cultures, and traditional cuisines when it comes to making the most out of their festive events, let’s just say that desi food lovers around the world take their food a little too seriously. Now, what’s a traditional desi menu without the tantalizing keema delicacy? If you desire to pay homage to your culture and maybe wish to feel a little less homesick, try out this authentic step-by-step Pakistani keema recipe. Not only is it super simple, but we’ve also demonstrated how you can recreate this recipe from scratch. We’ve even included a ‘homemade whole spice powder recipe’ that is a key ingredient to achieving that earthy and genuine Pakistani keema flavor (thank us later) and can also be used in other traditional Pakistani recipes.

The History Of ‘Keema’

Keema – a dish that had soared through the Indian-subcontinent, remains popular even today. The word ‘keema’ is believed to had been derived from the Turkish word ‘Kiyma,’ meaning minced meat. Being a traditional delicacy in medieval India, a time where royal families and Mughals were very precautious for their food, Khansamas (royal cooks) innovated and served the royals with delectable food items to please the appetite of their royal highness and his court.

Can Keema Be Made With Other Types Of Meat?

Traditionally Keema is made from ground beef, but you can also use chicken or even lamb. Lamb, in fact, is a common ingredient used in the Middle East and among the Turkish cuisines, which explains why lamb is preferred for most of their recipes that involve meat.


Since the existence of Keema, it has gone through several alternations as per the preferences of people. Notable variations include; Aloo Keema, Keema Matar, Bihari Keema, and several others. While most prioritize the modernized, convenient way of cooking Keema over the stove, others are more conventional with their methods and tend to cook Keema in mud pots using kerosene pressure stoves and coal just like old times. You may use this recipe for cooking and altering it according to your tastebuds and priorities.


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