Super Delicious and Quick Recipe for Pakistani Kheer

Kheer has always been one of the most enjoyed delicacies of Pakistani cuisine. You can serve your delicious kheer in the adorable cold mini clay pots. We know that Eid is just around the corner, and you are probably struggling to come up with a perfect eid dessert. This year, stay home and recreate this delicacy and surprise your family members by using our step-by-step simple Pakistani Kheer recipe. It will taste better than any other store-bought kheer versions!

Kheer Origination

Whether it was Eid, weddings, or any other occasion, kheer has been a staple in every other household. Kheer is very close to the ‘rice pudding’ because of the similarity in its ingredients; in fact, the first South Asian bowl of kheer consisted of rice, milk, clarified butter, and sugar. The clarified gave the kheer a very creamy and dense texture. Soon kheer gained popularity worldwide and had several other diverse variations to it that differed from country to country.

Are There Other Existing Variations To Kheer?

Though ‘kheer’ originated in the sub-continent and gained its name from there. The Persians were already quite well aware with this delight long before ‘kheer’ existed and had their own version to it. Its other name is ‘Sheer Birinj,’ serviced with honey/jam cold. Afghani’s had a similar dish called Shohla-e-Zard, which has close traits of a traditional kheer recipe. However, it remains incomplete without some key ingredients such as saffron, rose water, cinnamon, dry fruits, and kewra. The essence involved in the Afghani kheer made it more fragrant. China also was quick to jump on the milky rice pudding bandwagon by having their glutinous rice blend referred to as the ‘eight jewel rice pudding.’


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