Boxed Halal - Lamb Box - Boxed Halal
Boxed Halal - Lamb Box - Boxed Halal
Boxed Halal - Lamb Box - Boxed Halal
Boxed Halal - Lamb Box - Boxed Halal

Boxed Halal - Lamb Box


Indulge in our premium lamb box, featuring three succulent cuts: lamb fore shank, lamb Denver ribs, and a rack of lamb. Slow-cook the fore shank for rich flavors, grill the juicy Denver ribs, and savor the melt-in-your-mouth rack of lamb. A top-quality lamb experience in one box.

Each Lamb Box contains*: 

  • 20-22 oz Rack Of Lamb (1x)
  • 1.5 lbs Lamb Fore Shank (1x)
  • 3.5 lbs Denver Ribs (1x)

    Wonderful to have halal meat delivered to my door. Fresh and very tasty. I would definitely order again.

    My husband loves my Irish stew. The beef stew pieces are tender and with very minimal fat. The flavor of the beef adds so much to my grandmothers recipe!

    The rack of lamb is EXQUISITE! The meat is tender and flavorful. We will definitely be returning for more. Top quality Halal meat. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 149 reviews
    Fatimatu Musah (The Bronx, US)

    Alhamdulilah thanks for everything 👍 🙏

    Robert Radtke (Milbank, US)
    Lamb shanks

    I braised them with apple juice and beef stock. And seasoned them with a prime rib rub

    Pamela Henderson (Warrenton, US)
    Love the Denver Ribs

    We loved the ribs. We had never had lamb ribs, but saw them on Nigella’s show and they looked delicious! We want to order them again!

    Takiyah Wajid (Providence, US)
    Denver Ribs

    Will purchase again.

    Malcolm (Birmingham, US)
    Nicely packaged

    I'm a little disappointed at the quality of the ribs. I was not expecting the flap of meat to be trimmed away. When we buy the rib, it should be the entire rib with all the meat.

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