Halal Ground Beef - Boxed Halal
Halal Ground Beef - Boxed Halal
Halal Ground Beef - Boxed Halal
Halal Ground Beef - Boxed Halal

Halal Ground Beef

  • 2 X (1 LB Package)
  • Humanely raised
  • Hand Slaughtered
  • 85-90% lean

Boxed Halal’s Halal Ground Beef comes from humanely raised and hand-slaughtered cows and is sold in 2x1-pound packages.
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Wonderful to have halal meat delivered to my door. Fresh and very tasty. I would definitely order again.

My husband loves my Irish stew. The beef stew pieces are tender and with very minimal fat. The flavor of the beef adds so much to my grandmothers recipe!

The rack of lamb is EXQUISITE! The meat is tender and flavorful. We will definitely be returning for more. Top quality Halal meat. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1217 reviews
Wadad Remsen (Miami, US)
Very good

My son love Halal beef Burgers


Great value! Excellent cut. Often hard to find halal beef bacon at an affordable price.

Max Choriev (Dallas, US)
Quality meat

I would highly recommend Boxed Halal. quality of the meat is very high and very delicious.

Mohammed Abbas (Dubai, AE)
My Problems Solved!!!

Finally there is a solution to halal food and having the ease of receiving a box every time I need with outstandingly high quality products.

Thank you!!!

Naeemah Yancy (Snellville, US)
I love these

I am so happy to find something that taste like one of the polish sausages from my childhood which is a famous American brand. This is so good with sauerkraut, will definitely order again.

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