Pakistani Zarda Recipe for your Special Occasions

Zarda happens to be one of the most traditional sweet dishes of the South Asian cuisine, popularized mainly in Pakistan. The word ‘zarda’ comes from the Urdu and Persian word ‘zard,’ which means yellow. That is why we have our Pakistani Zarda Recipe in the same color. This recipe is perfect for every occasion, whether it’s a family dinner or the wedding menu. Zarda is your ultimate go-to dessert! Though it may seem challenging to recreate, it is actually one of the simplest recipes out there. We assure you that by following our authentic Pakistani zarda recipe, in particular, you won’t be disappointed. Zarda (historically known as Zard Biranj) dates back to the Mughal reign, where when their food was taken as seriously as their administration. This intricate and flavorful dish fell into the premium (sufiyaana) category of food during the Mughal reign. We sure can see why! It is irresistible because not only it looks appealing to the eyes because of the royal decorations and dry fruits but it also smells and tastes absolutely divine! Here’s our take on the all famous Pakistani Zarda recipe:


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