The Onion Kebak is a variation of the emblematic Arab Kebab recipe. Kebabs are a traditional Middle Eastern dish. Although many countries claim it as their own, claiming that it belongs to a single country is practically foolhardy since they are present in many Central Asian countries.
Most historians agree that they were born under the Ottoman Empire's hegemony; given the breadth and duration of said empire, dozens of versions of Kebabs emerged. The best, the most practical or tasty, exist to this day.
The origin of the word Kebab
The word "kebab" means "to grill" or "to roast over a fire" in many Latin languages. The English word Kebab comes from the Arabic word kabāb, which in turn derives from the Persian word kabāb (کباب). Kebabs have been part of the traditional cuisine of countries like Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and India for centuries.
The Sogan Kebasi
Soğan Kebasi or Onion Kebabs originate from Gaziantep, southeastern Anatolia, Turkey. A cold area is very close to the border with Syria. This unique Kebab is very different from other kebabs, especially in assembly and cooking modes. They use the traditional ground meat, but instead of stringing it on a metal rod, it is placed in the center of small onions. They can be baked in a stone or conventional electric oven.
A feature of the recipe is that the meat must be kneaded long and intensively. Only in this case will it begin to secrete protein, thanks to which the meat will become sticky and will surely stick to the center of the onions.
Ingredients of the Onion Kebabs
The meat: Soğan Kebasi is usually made from ground beef, ground lamb, or a combination of both. The most important thing is that the meat contains a good amount of fat, making it easier to mold.
The onions: The onions used for this recipe should be small, with a maximum diameter of five centimeters. Both white and purple onions are used for onion kebabs. In any case, the most important thing is to choose rounded onions that are the same size.
Pomegranate molasses: pomegranate molasses is a syrup made by reducing lemon pomegranate juice and sugar. This molasses is only available in Arab specialty stores; if you cannot access this ingredient, it is possible to substitute it with a bit of grenadine with lime juice.
The seasonings: the ideal seasonings for this recipe are: pepper, sumac, and optionally coriander seeds.
Now, it's time to prepare these easy kebabs with less than 5 ingredients

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